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Discussion created by tinklerj on Mar 7, 2013
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Is there a user guide to editing thread posts in the vCampus forums?


My particular problem is trying to write code snippets containg angle brackets, as is necessary for C# generics.  For instance the following type declaration as a code block:

IDictionary dic;

 All you can see is "IDictionary dic;".  However what I actually typed was IDictionary (left angle bracket) PIPoint, Exception (right angle bracket) dic;


The brackets and eveything between have been taken away.  If you look at the HTML they are still there.  Similarly, if I write the same thing inline: IDictionary<PIPoint, Exception> dic; although this does show the angle brackets in Compose view, they are not visible in Preview view.  If you look at this in HTML the brackets are correctly represented as &lt; and &gt;