High speed AF

Discussion created by RJKSolutions on Mar 12, 2013
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I'm bored and been day dreaming about AF...well, not really but couldn't think how to open this post.


Have OSIsoft ever considered, or gone 1 step further with testing, a stripped down version of AF to test performance against the standard AF Server?  What I mean by stripped down is, no versioning, no sandbox, no querydate ... just pure hierarchy get/set.


I see numerous projects where there is some element of caching of the AF hierarchy, not because of network latency but mature hierarchies that are multiple levels deep and quite large - bordering on enterprise scale hierarchies.  I wonder how much of an overhead the sandbox and co. play in the SQL side of AF and in the code paths of the AF SDK.  Personally, I would much rather a high speed AF with separate DTAP AF Servers where significant hierarchy changes can be evaluated, and versioning of the hierarchy would appear in external systems other than AF.  However, if a stripped down version is not significantly faster then I have probably wasted some valuable thinking time on this topic...


Thoughts? (From the community as well as OSIsoft.)