Values on PI CoreSight

Discussion created by neil.varnas on Mar 17, 2013
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Although I managed to successfully setup PI system I am very fresh to this software so Sorry if my question is a bit darft.


So I created some assets with AF. I also assigned some attributes for example height, volume, temperature and so on. Then assigned some static values to height and width and assiged couple a tag from PI server, which displays ( and updates )  the value perfectly fine in the AF.


Now the problem Im having is I cant see value on Coresight retrieved from my assets. I can see "static values" ( like height ). But the attributes which were assigned to a Tag on PI server, for example SINUSOID, it displays no Data, and an error message comes up as displayed in the picture (coresight successfully connects to AF and retrieves values, but it seems that AF doesn't pass actual tag point values, although they are updated and displayed fine in the AF view ) :




Please help,


any suggestions will be appreciated  A LOT ,