Toolbar could not be loaded

Discussion created by DavidMFairchild on Mar 19, 2013
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I have a custom toolbar for Processbook that loads and works fine on two different machines in two different domains.  But I cannot get it to load in our corporate domain.


I am using PI-Processbook v in Windows XP SP 3.


The toolbar was built in C# from the OSI AddInPb_Toolbar_CS template.


I register the toolbar using script file that generates the .reg file and mergers it with the registry.  Here it the registration file:




[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\PISystem\PI - ProcessBook\Addins\CustomToolbar.Connect]
"Description"="PSE Custom Toolbar"


By checking the HKCR\CustomToolbar.Connect class in the Registry I can see the CLSID value which maps to the right location in the InprocServer32.CodeBase.


As I am an administrator on the two other domains where the toolbar loads and works.  I thought I would get a administrator on the domain where the toolbar does not load to install it.  However, it does not load even when installed by an administrator.  (So it seems less likely to be a permissions issue.)


I did find this link to a similar problem.  The poster indicated that he found the problem but did not share the solution.


Can anyone tell me why this would work in two locations and not in the third?  Exactly what is Processbook looking for when it loads an Addin?