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    RAG status (trafficlight) webpart?

    Roger Palmen

      You know that feeling that you committed to doing something, but given second thought you think "how am i going to do this?". 


      This is not a biggie, but i need a traffic-light style Red-Amber-Green display as a WebPart that i can link  to an AF attribute. I could think of SVG (don't want to use ActiveView), but that would be an ugly solution if you need 200-300 traffic lights across the stack of webpart pages.


      Any ideas welcome!

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          Hi Roger,


          After my looking up all PI WebParts, PI Graphic should be only solution, which is your mentioned "ugly solution".  If need some nice picture, I think the third-party webparts modules should be involved in.  However, if so, some coding developing is necessary....


          Xi Wang

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              Keep in mind that you said "Any ideas welcome!"...


              I'm wondering if you could use PI OLEDB Enterprise and conditional table formatting? Does it actually have to look like a traffic light, or could you use the PI Table web part and change the color of the cells?

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                  Roger Palmen

                  The table is a neat idea! It could do as a temporary measure to buy some time. But it seems i need to find a 2rd party webpart, or build my own.

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                      Asle Frantzen

                      We have a couple of webparts doing similar things, in the webpart framework we've created for one of our clients.


                      Both of them displays one of several pictures according to the tag value, and the difference between the two is that the first one is used with our NodeHierarchy system to get its values (and the input value is the name of the asset) and the second one is more of a static configuration where the input is an html file with substitution parameters, where you set up the tag name and pictures to be shown. More of a KPI thing showing a green up arrow if the production is going up, etc.


                      I took a quick look at the code - it doesn't look like the most advanced webpart I've seen - but then again we have a framework around this so it's probably using bits and pieces from the Common and DataServices classes making it more advanced than I could see now. But if you're used to creating Sharepoint webparts you should be up and running pretty quick. And then you'd also have to determine if this should load a value when ever you load the Sharepoint page, or if it should poll the tag for updates after the webpage is loaded (which requires a little bit more work from you)