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Software available in the Virtual Learning Environment

Discussion created by Pablo Benvenuto Champion on Mar 19, 2013
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The Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) is like a sandbox where you can learn and test new things.  Currently the following PI software is installed in the VLE:


Server Components


PI Server 2012, v 3.4.390


PI AF Server (X64) 2012, v 2.5


PI AF Server Event Frames Enabler (x64), v 2.5


PI Notifications, v 1.2


Management Tools


PI System Management Tools 2012, v 3.4


PI AF Builder 2010 R3, v 2.4


PI Module Database Builder, v 1.3


PI TagConfigurator, v 2.1


Client Toos


PI ProcessBook 2012 SP1, v 3.3


PI DataLink 2010 SP1, v 4.2


PI WebParts 2010 R2, v 1.1


PI Coresight, v 1.1


PI Manual Logger 2010 R2, v 2.5


PI DataLink Server 2010, v 4.2


PI BatchView, v3.1


PI AF Client 2010 R3, v 2.4


Programming Tools


PI Software Development Kit (PI SDK) X64, v 1.4


PI Application Programming Interface x86, v 1.6


PI AF Developer Tools 2010 R3, v 2.4


PI Notifications Developer Tools, v 1.2


PI Web Services 2010 R2, v 1.1


PI OLEDB 2010 R3, V 3.3


PI OLEDB Enterprise 2010 R3, v 1.2


PI JDBC 2010, V 1.1


PI Advanced Computing Engine (ACE) 2010 R2 SP1, v 2.1


PI for StreamInsight x64, V 1.0