Excel automation with DataLink - Use server time zone has no effect

Discussion created by eignert on Mar 21, 2013
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I'm currently working on a solution to automatically generate reports.
That the application does is simply open Excel via com interop, register the datalink-addin, open the workbook, execute the calculation and save it as PDF.
The application is running as a scheduled task on an application server that is not a PI server.


So far everything works perfectly fine but now I'm trying to generate reports for a server that is in a different time zone. The report templates I'm loading use timestamps in the time zone of the server so I've set "Use PI Server time zone" to "true" on the application server for the user the scheduled task is running under.
The problem is: It seems as if this settings doesn't have any effect during the automation. When run the report form the application server in Germany at 1:15 am local time (8:15 am local time in China) I get "No data" when retrieving the values for "(t+8h)".


When I remote into the appliction server, open the report and execute the calculation manually everything works fine.


So am I missing something in my automation? Do I have to load additional xlls or make any settings? Do I maybe have to call a method of the xll to make it use the server time zone?


Any help would be highly appreciated!