Uploading and deleting values of the PI Collective using PI SDK Buffering

Discussion created by bsquassoni on Mar 25, 2013
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I wonder if you could provide some ideas in order to solve the problem described below:


We have a customer that has just created his first PI collective. He has an spreadsheet that needs to send and delete values to the PI Server.
With the release of PI Buffer Subsystem 3.4.380.79, we can use the PI SDK Buffering to send values to both members of the collective. However, it is still not possible to delete values from both servers using this feature.


The common solution is to disable PI SDK Buffering and connect to the members of the collective separately and delete the values. For instance, the application should connect to the primary, delete its values, then it should do the same on the secondary.
We have send an example to the customer showing how to enable and disable PI SDK Buffer programmatically. This example includes the automatic restart of the pibufss service.
The remaining problem is that the domain user under which the customer is running, does not have permissions to restart Windows services.


Is there any workaround so that we don´t need to give to this user administrative privileges?
What are the options we can provide the customer to add and delete values from both collective members?