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    Connection resilience in Rx approach

      I am going to be writing some code to replace the SI adapters with Rx + AF SDK.  Ideally I need to build some connection resilience into the AF SDK route which got me wondering about the current adapters...how are disconnects handled currently in the adapters?  Upon a disconnection the flow of data stops getting pushed to SI, then on the reconnection is there a new signup to the Update Manager or does it first try to re-establish the previous sign ups? I will have a few configurable options for an implementation, much like the adapters do today.  Do we put our faith in the AF SDK for managing the connection so we need not worry too much on that aspect, including the update manager sign ups?

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          Hello Rhys,


          1)     if the application  (AF SDK or PI for StreamInsight) has a connection to the PI Server


          2)     and then a re-connection is required due to a network disconnection (TCP session dies)


          3)     the AF SDK or PI for StreamInsight will establish a new connection to the PI Server and connect to the previously established update manager sign-ups


          4)     any events generated during the disconnection will be available for the application




          - PI server is not restarted during the disconnection


          - Application connects to the same PI Server member if connecting to a PI Server collective


          - Update manager has configurable event queue thresholds, if the queue fills, update events will be lost


          - Update manager has a connection timeout, if reached sign-ups are cleared


          Alternatively if the application crashes or closes the connection, any new connection will create new sign-ups