Extending Email Delivery Channel to schedule SSRS

Discussion created by mhalhead Champion on Mar 27, 2013
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We use SSRS quite a bit including the report schedule. The SSRS report scheduler in 2008R2 (have upgraded to 2012 yet) is quite primitive, you have to type in the address, no groups, only a single report per mail, ... So I've been ponder alternatives. One of which is to use PINS seeing that we are already using it; plus this could also be a powerful addition where a report could be sent on exception when a notification fires. Another plus is that all our notifications will be from one place with a log/audit trail.


In order to do this I would like to extend the existing email delivery channel. This DC already covers 80-90% of the requirements all I would need to do is add some additional functionality to connect to the SSRS web services (I would prefer to go the web service route). The user would get a UI to select the reports and configure the report parameters, support for substitution parameters would be essential. One big quirk I can see cropping up is that an SSRS report can take a bit of time to render depending on its since and whether it is cached.


So the questions are:

  1. Is this even advisable or should I look at other alternatives? Rhys/Woflgang I'm sure that both of you will have an opinion and your opinion are always insightful
  2. Can you extend the existing Email DC? If so any examples? Writing my own DC from scratch is an option but I like the idea that the existing one covers the bulk of the functionality (yes I'm lazy).
  3. Has anyone do anything similar?