How to Copy an ACE project to a different facility's PI Server

Discussion created by Steve.Buckley on Mar 28, 2013
Latest reply on Apr 1, 2013 by Steve.Buckley

I have an ACE project working fine on Facility-A's PI server.  Facility-B (same company) has its own PI Server, identical models of equipment, so I would like to 'copy' the ACE project to Facility-B.  The two facilities have similar but not identical MDB Tree structures - different PI Server names, different City names, slightly different equipment names, etc, but the Tag Alias' are identical.


Is there a smooth way to 'copy' from Facility-A to Facility-B?  I considered modifying the %OSI MDB structure:  it doesn't look too bad, but still a fair amount of hand editing; since it is the system folder, kind of spooky to envision doing an Export/Edit/Import via Excel on a production server.  So I guess I'll just start from scratch, reassigning all the Tag Information in the Wizard, then copy/pasting the actual VB code via Notepad++.  Am I going the long way, or is there a better way?