Counts Over Periods of Time

Discussion created by rdube02 Champion on Mar 29, 2013
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Hi everyone,


I'm attempting to do something similar to some script I've done before, but I can't quite figure this one out. I suspect there's a solution using IPICalculation that I just don't know about. I'm working in ProcessBook using VBA code.


What I'm trying to do is to examine a string PI tag over a period of time, say 4 days - and I want to generate an array of values that represent the number of times that the tag equaled a certain value.  For example, it's a reason code that could contain 7 or 8 different reasons for dumping a part - in this case I want to know how many times the tag was "Bad Spring" each hour over the course of those 4 days.


I think I need to pull in PIvalues over the 4 days, and then parse through those values and calculate the total for each hour over the 4 days, right? Or is there an IPICalculation call that I can use to do this without writing a bunch of loops to go through all the data?


Thanks for any insight you can offer!