Pi JDBC batch insertion problem, data loss.

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I've got a problem when I batch insert from a java application. The problem is that I lose data when I insert a second time.


Zero is the most occurring value. The values spans from 0 – 1, so it’s relative small variations.


I turned off the compression since it's was recommended in the “pi server manual” when working with manually entered data.




The sample data had a 20 seconds gap, but I changed it to 1 min, to get a successful insertion.



  • First insertion of 189 samples, successful.
    • Retrieves the same amount of samples. (in PI SQL Commander)


  • Tries a second time with another data set. Insertion of 254 samples, successful.
    • Retrieves only 375 samples. (in PI SQL Commander)

The dataset is a month apart in time. Where are the rest of the samples???


I think it have something to do with a filter, who sorts out “bad data” or something.


I'm using:




PI SQL DataAccessServer using PIOLEDB: