AF Table Lookup 2.5 and String Concat

Discussion created by Bannikov on Apr 8, 2013
Latest reply on Apr 9, 2013 by cmanhard

Hello all!


I've encountered a strange issue about latest (2.5) Table Lookup and String Concat. String Concat itself works fine and produced necessary result. But when I tried to use String Concatted attribute as source for WHERE clause in Table Lookup (like this: AccountingEntityID = @[ObjectID] AND ParameterID = @[ID]), I've got such error message:


The data method 'InterpolatedValue' is not supported on attribute ...


I suggest that this is because AF Table Lookup runs under NET4 and makes specific RDA calls, which aren't supported by String Concat. I've develop separate version of String Concat under NET4, where 'InterpolatedValue' call is implemented, but nothing changes. How should I register both version of String Concat DR? This was discussed here:, but I still have some qusetions: should both version share the same GUID (Class GUID, Assembly GUID) or they should have separate indepedent GUID's? How can I check that both versions of AF DR were registered properly? Pleas help, this is very urgent issue for us now...