Help Configuring the INI file for the PI_UFL

Discussion created by tmcclure on Apr 9, 2013
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After discussing my project with someone, they referred me to the PI_UFL, saying that it could do everything I needed without the use of custom code.  As I read the manual, I agree, but I do not know how to get started with it.




Scope of my project:


Our users have 4 sets of data that come in at different times that are currently stored in a CSV file.  Each of the 4 files come in at roughly the same time each day, but there are days that it is late or doesn't come in at all.  What the users are requesting is that instead of seeing this data in a CSV file, they want to see it in PI so they can display it in Processbook and trend it.  So basically, I need something to transfer the information from this CSV file to PI at the time that it comes in.




It appears that the PI_UFL can accomplish this, but I am not sure how to even begin working on the INI file.   I am meeting with the users sometime later this week to get some more information on how they want their data to be stored, but I wanted to have a bit of a game plan before I met with them.  I have looked through the manual and have read about some of the different components of the file, but it is still a bit foreign to me.  Are there any examples from similar projects that I could follow?