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    ProcessBook VBA Script makes values - How can I format decimals and Show Units?


      I have a VBA script which creates a long list of values.  Then for each individual point, I need to:


      1. Double click to bring up the "Define Value" form.


      2. Under Format-Number, Set to 0.0


      3. Check the "Show Units" checkbox.


      Does anyone know how to do this programmatically?


      Here is my script:


      Dim NewSym As Symbol, CurrentTop As Integer, i As Integer


      CurrentTop = 14780


      For i = 1 To 100


           CurrentTop = CurrentTop - 32        


           Set NewSym = Symbols.Add(pbSymbolValue)


           NewSym.SetTagName ("AF2.\\myServer\myDatabase\ElementPath|Temperature" & Right("00" & Trim(Str(i)), 3))        


           NewSym.Left = -14990


           NewSym.Top = CurrentTop        


           NewSym.Font.Size = 8


      Next i