How to show descriptor in tooltip of ProcessBook

Discussion created by xwang Employee on Apr 10, 2013
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Some of users are willing to displaying the tag's descriptor when the mouse over the value or the curves of trends.   This thread will provide a function to show the "descriptor" automatically when add some new components in the .pdi file.


1.    Open the Display in ProcessBook
2.    Open the Visual Basic Editor (Tools --> Macro --> Visual Basic Editor)
3.    Add the PI SDK reference (Tools --> References --> PISDK 1.x Type Library)
4.    Double-click on "ThisDisplay" in the project explorer
5.    Choose the desired Value object in the Object dropdown list (the first, at top-left corner)
6.    Choose the "ToolTipText" event in the Event dropdown list (the second, at top-right corner)
7.    Type the following code:

Private Sub Display_ToolTipText(ToolTip As String, valSymb As Symbol)                       
Dim ptPoint As PISDK.PIPoint                                                                
Dim tagName() As String                                                                     
' Parse the pi tag into an array using '\' as a delimiter
tagName = Split(valSymb.GetTagName(1), "\", -1)
' Is it a pi tag (\\server\tag --> split into three strings: Nothing, server, tagname)
If UBound(tagName) = 3 Then
Set ptPoint = PISDK.Servers(tagName(2)).PIPoints(tagName(3))
ToolTip = ToolTip & " " & ptPoint.PointAttributes("descriptor") & ""
End If

End Sub