ProcessBook Custom Symbols (w/ Symbol Factory 2.0)

Discussion created by torsteins on Apr 11, 2013
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As part of the process to standardize the look of our process displays, I’ve obtained a copy of the Symbol Factory 2.0 software.
I plan to use this software to create my own symbol library, coupled with an addin that imports the vector symbols at a correct size and aspect ratio.
However, I've run into some problems, and I'm hoping some of you guys can nudge me in the right direction.
It should be noted that the process displays are intended for use in PI Graphics, and are as such saved as .svg.


#1 Symbol Factory 2.0 does not seem to properly support line width that is greater than hairline (thinnest setting).
This causes the line color to look dim due to the 1px width when exported to .svg and hosted in PI Graphics.
Even so, I've observed that symbols already present in the ProcessBook symbol library does not suffer from these very thin lines.
Does anyone know a way to import the symbols to the library with proper line width?

#2 As an alternative, I've attempted to create an addin that modifies the line width of a symbol using the following code (C#):


symbol1 =;
symbol1.LineStyle.Weight = 2;


However, this does not affect the symbols imported from the symbol library.
Is it possible to bypass this restriction, and set the line width after the symbol has been imported from the library?

#3 A third option is to edit the final .svg file, where manually editing the stroke-width:2 to stroke:width:15px will yield the desired result (see attached .txt file for code).
Is there a way to do this through a ProcessBook addin that alters the way .svg files are saved? Or alternatively some other approach?

Any suggestions would be much appreciated.

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