Adding email subsrcibers to a notification in C#

Discussion created by kylesarictalisman on Apr 11, 2013
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Hey all,


First time poster, and I've had an extensive look around the forums, so please be kind :)


We have been developing AF Notifications for PI Manual Logger routes (to remind users that a route has not been completed/archived in some time) and all the basic functionality works great, but the issue is that with notification templates, the subscribers to all notifications are the same (as they all use the same template). I have written some code that goes through all notifications and changes their name and categories, but I would also like to change the subscribers to add specific email addresses to each notification. For example, a notification for platformA might be sent to, whereas that for platformB would be send to These emails are saved in an elements attribute (string array), and I've managed to get it into code for retrieving these values, but I just can not figure out how to add new email subsrcribers via code to a notification...


Any help would be greatly appreciated! And I hope I was relatively clear...