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    Disabling Tag check before running setTagName


      We are currently working on a small add-in for Processbook which makes heavy use of the SetTagName call to convert PI to AF tags.Profiling the application shows it takes a considerable amount of time (6 seconds for 8 tags) to move from a PI to an AF tag. In other words, the call seems to take quite a while.


      We suspect that is because PB checks the tag's existence and state before allowing it to be set. But since we're sure the tag is OK, is there a way to disable PB's check? That would allow the add-in to perform a whole lot better when there are 30+ tags that need to be converted.


      Thanks in advance for any pointers you can give.

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          If you are using PB 2012 or newer, try the new SetTagNameWithTagInfoType method.  You can do "Value.SetTagNameWithTagInfoType('AF2.Attribute', pbDataSet)".  That will tell PB that you know that "AF2.xxx" is in fact a dataset and it will skip some of the validation.  A more extreme option would be to remove the AF server from the list of AF servers.  That way, the set call will always fail quickly, but the tag will still be set.  This will also eliminate the AF data poll since the attributes do not exist.  Once all tags have been changed, you can re-add the AF server.