Universal File Loader (UFL) issue - timestamp is outside archive time range

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Hi community,


I'm a little bit confused about the following issue with the Universal File Loader interface.


I installed and configured a new PI server (Version 3.385.77) and a UFL Interface (Version There is no PI points data to backfill. I let the UFL interface creating all PI points with the first push of data. No error occured, BUT the new PI points still had the "Pt Created" value. A view to the message log told me, that "addevent failed" due "[-11043] No Archive On-Line For Target Time". After some test (flushing all PI points, the archive values, creating PI points with Excel, server restarts, interface restarts, ...) I found out, that the StoreInPI function or the timestamp creation is faulty. Or I have some big misunderstandings.


When I use this:
StoreInPI(PointName, ,TimeStamp,Value, ,QuestionaryBit)
it will not work. Message Log is telling me, that the value can not be added due no suitable archive for target time.


When I use this:
StoreInPI(PointName, ,NOW(),Value, ,QuestionaryBit)
it works fine!  All the values are added and no error message at PI server.


The live log window also shows in both cases a success message and the time is always in the same, right PI format. The counter for "out of order" values rise up very fast in first case, so it really seems that something is transfered, but not the right time. A trend in ProcessBook shows values before PI point creation, 2 months before.


Here is a source file example, which contains no "outdated" time stamps:
11159LI02 12.03.2013 15:10:16 3.88 AAG Q=0
11159TI01 12.03.2013 15:10:16 17.25 AAG Q=0
12159TI02 12.03.2013 15:10:16 18.64 AAG Q=0
12100LI02 12.03.2013 15:10:16 -0.0524902 AAG Q=0
12100TI01 12.03.2013 15:10:16 11.8225 AAG Q=0
12201TI01 12.03.2013 15:10:16 9.97803 AAG Q=0


Here the peace of the INI file :
FIELD(6).FORMAT="dd.MM.yyyy hh:mm:ss"
PointName=["(*) * * * *"]
Value=["* * (*) * *"]
PointSource=["* * * (*) *"]
QuestionaryBit=["* * * * Q=(*)"]
TimeStamp=["* (*) * * *"]
StoreInPI(PointName, ,TimeStamp,Value, ,QuestionaryBit)


I already created the TimeStamp variable again, but that doesn't help. The curious thing is, that I have a UFL interface with this time stamp "format" running at a co-location on same system environment. So I gave up finding the solution for such error and hope somebody of the community can give me a hint.


Best regards,




EDIT: Note that tab stops are replaced by spaces. The values are separated by tab stops - see my reply.