The Inclusion Operator for Performance equations

Discussion created by mikeloria on Apr 12, 2013
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I could not find the answer in the documentation so I am hoping someone from OSIsoft may shed some light:


I am currently using the in .. operator (If 1 in 0 .. 2 Then 1 Else 0) in a performance equation but I am using it with for a PI tag that has a float32 value. Here is my example:


Not('CGL:% Iron Top' in 5 .. 20)


'CGL:% Iron Top' is a PI Tag of type Float32. All of the example show only Ints being used. I am wondering how this is handled. It seems to work and it is a very powerful choice for what I need. I am hoping that 4.99 and 20.01 are out of the range. I am not sure if the Float is being converted and possibly rounded or truncated.


Thank you in advance for your response