ProcessBook Issue with an Overflow Error

Discussion created by guillaume_seurin on Apr 18, 2013
Latest reply on Apr 22, 2013 by dhollebeek

Hello all,


I have a random error, occuring sometimes when I rebuild/refresh my display.

Error Number : 6
Error Description : Overflow

 Part of my rebuild/refresh code :

'set the tag name of my object value
Dim myAFAttribute As String
ThisDisplay.Value1.SetTagName (myAFAttribute & ";m3/h")

'Modify the Time range of my object value
Dim Check As Boolean
Dim bsStart As String
Dim bsEnd As String
Dim CurrentDate As Date

CurrentDate = now
bsStart= CStr(DateAdd("h", 6,CurrentDate ))
bsEnd = CStr(DateAdd("h", 1, bsEnd ))
Check = ThisDisplay.Value1.SetTimeRange(bsStart, bsEnd )
'Get the value of my object value
Dim StrValue As String
Dim vrDate As Variant
Dim vrStatut As Variant
StrValue = ThisDisplay.Value1.GetValue(vrDate, vrStatut)

I'm doing this for above 20 value objects with diferent timerange.


I have also trends and XYPlot on this display.


Am I doing something wrong, or is it an known issue ?




Thank you for your time.