Read Element Hierarchy and Attributes from Excel and create AF Hierarchy through AF SDK Programming

Discussion created by khavnekarva on Apr 19, 2013
Latest reply on May 17, 2013 by RJKSolutions

I am able to create AF element parent and child hierarchy (refer af element hierarchy from attached excel file, column C)

Code for creating the AF element hierarchy is attached with this mail.


Now I am suffering with one issue as follows:-

for e.g 



in above hierarchy Channel1 is my parent element and Device1  and _ssytem are my child elements of Channel1.


But the issue is in AF we already have _system as parent element so it will not allow me to add this element also Channel1 is also already added.


Can you please let me know how to find  element is already present in AF hierarchy (i.e Parent Element)?


Also how to add element as child element even though the same element is present as Parent element is AF hierarchy?


Request you to please help me out on these two issues.