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    ReplaceDuplicates not overwriting Calc. Failed values




      We're experiencing a curious issue with updating values using the SDK.  When attempting to update tag values in PI using the UpdateValues method, and even when we explicitly specify the ReplaceDuplicate constant. tags with a value of Calc. Failed are not being replaced.


      Currently we're working around the issue by actively deleting the values of the tag we're updating but this is painfully slow.


      Any assistance would be very much appreciated,











        • Re: ReplaceDuplicates not overwriting Calc. Failed values

          Hello Keith,


          There should be messages within the PI Servers log providing more information why replacing doesn't work. These messages refer the affected point by point ID so if you are investigating on a particular PI tag, please lookup the point ID (tag attribute) and do the following:

          • Open a command prompt on the PI Server node.
          • Change to the "adm" subfolder of the PI Server Home (cd /d %piserver%\adm)
          • Dump all messages from the PI Servers log into a text file. In this example for the past 15 minutes: pigetmsg -st *-15m -et * > C:\Temp\piserverlog.txt
          • Open the text file i.e. by typing "notepad C:\Temp\piserverlog.txt" into the command prompt.
          • Search for the point ID (menu Edit -> Find ...)

          There might be more than just one message or the number you search for might be used in a different context i.e. as connection ID but you should be able locating relevant information within a few minutes. Please post the messages you find and / or attach the text file to your post.  


          Alternatively, please open a ticket at OSIsoft Technical Support.