PI ACE Calculation

Discussion created by prem.partab on Apr 23, 2013
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Hi There,
       I have a calculation in PIPE  and wish to move it to PI Ace , see below for calculation,  is there a better way to do it please help


Event=650YX1_ESP , PrevVal('650YX1_ESP')+PrevVal('650YX1_ESP',(PrevEvent('650YX1_ESP')))+ PrevVal ('650YX1_ESP', (PrevEvent('650YX1_ESP', PrevEvent('650YX1_ESP')))) +PrevVal('650YX1_ESP',(PrevEvent('650YX1_ESP', PrevEvent('650YX1_ESP',PrevEvent('650YX1_ESP'))))) + PrevVal('650YX1_ESP',(PrevEvent('650YX1_ESP', PrevEvent('650YX1_ESP',PrevEvent('650YX1_ESP', PrevEvent('650YX1_ESP'))))))