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    Creating New ProcessBook Graphics - Ensure Future Compatability


      We are fairly new to PI. Just starting to convert our DCS graphics into ProcessBook graphics (Using GrIts for ProcessBook). I was just wondering if there are any 'features' we should avoid or any best practices to ensure the graphics we create to today are compatible to use once PB graphics are supported in Coresight.


      We are not trying to do anything fancy....I don't think.


      Simply display the value, change the state of valves, pumps, etc. Using standard ISA graphics.

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          Hi Randy,


          I admire your forward thinking about future compatibility. In terms of supporting graphics in PI Coresight, the biggest limitations will be not supporting VBA scripting or Active X controls. There may be an evolution of support for some of the built-in capabilities of PI ProcessBook within the PI Coresight container, but our intention is to support all the native symbols and behaviors (but not editing capabilities). Most images you might include in your displays might come from our Symbol Library (which has a number of standard ISA graphics), so that isn't an issue. Since PI Coresight is implemented with a web-based set of technologies, the only caution I'd add on using images from other sources is to make sure they are a web-compatible format, like JPEG.






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