Replacing Values in the PI Archive

Discussion created by rdube02 Champion on Apr 26, 2013
Latest reply on Apr 30, 2013 by hanyong

So - this seems like something that should be simple, but it's turning out to be rather difficult.


I have a tag that represents a counter that has been running for over a year now. I discovered that historically the values are wrong. I want to go back in and edit thousands of records, using Excel, and then insert the correct values back into the PI archive for that tag.


Working with OSI tech support, I did manage to export the range of data that I want using PIConfig, however inserting the events back into the archive using "replacex" mode is proving to be very difficult. I keep getting "Error reading record from table..." 


I suspect there's something to do with how the time values are formatted in the CSV file that I'm using in the @input datainput.csv command - but no matter how I format the date/time stamp in the input file, PI refuses to recognize the matching event. I just don't get it. Has anyone ever done mass-replaces like this and can you see anything I'm missing?