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Time-series AFtable and timerange

Discussion created by Roger Palmen on Apr 29, 2013
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Hi all,,


I have been looking at the details of the time-series functionality of the AFtable datareference as shipped in the latest v2.5 version of AF. I am looking at the behaviour if a use the GetValue() call using a timerange. Some short tests appear to show it only looks at the data at the endtime and not doing anything with the timerange at all. I could not find any details on this new feature in documentation. Anyone knows some more?



Ultimately i need to calculate a time-weighted average on a dataset in a table. If it not contain future data, the solution should be a run-of-the-mill PI Point summary attribute. Best option i can think of to achieve that is to create a custom DR that will get all values inthe range, and perform the time-weighted average in code. Or might the AFcalculation class to run the summary on the AFattribute, but then i'd still need a custom DR to get that into an attribute. ANy better ideas?



Thanks for sharing your thoughts!


Regards, Roger