Thoughts on Using PowerShell for "One-offs"

Discussion created by mikeloria on May 6, 2013
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I have many needs such as wanting to periodically check a database and then write values to PI and vice/versa in a batch architecture (running the code periodically). These are the "one-off" processes that would help bring extreme value. The one or 2 pieces of data that if it existed in PI would make the other 100 data values already in PI into a better context. It appears that Powershell may be a good fit for my needs since there is no compilation and I can run these scripts directly from the task scheduler. I wanted to get some thoughts on the people developing the supporting code for PI/Powershell integration. Does this sound like a feasible approach. Does the SDKs and data access all work from Powershell? It appears since you can run .Net code, that it would support these scenarios. If yes, any examples would also be greatly appreciated.




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