Notifications Dilemmas

Discussion created by kpotter on May 6, 2013
Latest reply on Aug 18, 2016 by vwitzel

I’m trying to use PI-Notifications to send a daily report of data from an AF table.  The first column is DateTime, and the others are numbers. 


Dilemma #1:  Notifications do not allow adding content from AF tables (unless I’m missing something). 


So, I create several Table Lookups so that I can add the Attribute Values. 


Dilemma #2: Attributes which are not PI Point (ie. Table Lookup) always report the value “{Error inserting result}” 


So, if I can somehow write everything to PI tags, then I can get values in the body of the notification. 


Dilemma #3: DateTime values offer no formatting options, so all are listed in the form “5/6/2013 2:24:14 PM Central Standard Time (GMT-06:00:00) ”, which is far too large when I need to list several.


Then, I succeed in developing a solution which writes my reports to CSV files, so I may simply send them as an attachment. 


Dilemma #4:  Attachments are embedded into the database at the time the notification is created.  So the notification sends the same old file every time. 


Tech support provides a solution to continually re-embed the latest file, but: 


Dilemma #5: The solution fails to install on 64-bit machines. 


Dilemma #6: On the 32-bit machine, the solution replaces the commas in the CSV to tabs, ruining the “Comma Separation” aspect of the CSV file. 


Any advice on finding the best path to success is appreciated.