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    PI Coresight Display through PI Notification




      I am getting Problem With start time and end time in PI Notification.


      I am getting a mail through Pi Notification but in the mail


      start time=true 


      end time=true  i need to get time here




      Name: NewAdhoc dsp




      Database: New_usecase_11-3-13


      Start Time: True


      Trigger Time: True


      Target: Region\SubStation1\FDR_400001\DT_300001\GS1_50001


      State: OutsideControl


      Priority: Normal




      Can you help me regarding this! 

        • Re: PI Coresight Display through PI Notification

          Hi Jaipal,


          I'm having some difficulty to understand what is it you are trying to achieve here. From what I can see, you have posted the default notification contents for the email delivery channel. Are you having a problem getting the end time field into the email message?


          Referring to the subject of this post, how is PI Coresight related to the issue? Are you attempting to pass the start and end time of the notifications on the PI Coresight Display?


          Han Yong