Using AF SDK, how to determine if an Element is being referenced from an attribute in any other Element

Discussion created by Jayanta on May 9, 2013
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In our asset model there are many instances where some attributes (configured as Value Type = "Element") and are used to store reference to am associated element.


So when we delete an element programatically using AF SDK, al latributes (in other elements) that references the deleted element should be cleared automatically. This does not happen automatically. Is there any way in AF SDK to idenitify all the elements-attribute that refereneces a given element, so that we can programatically clear thos references after deleting the referenecd element?


For example if attribute a1 of element e1 and attribute a2 of element e2 reference the element e3. Before deleting e3 I want to identify the element attributes e1.a1 & e2.a2 and set those to null.


Would appreciate if any one can suggest an optimal way of this using AF SDK.