Managing Production and Test PI/AF environments

Discussion created by OxleyCreek on May 10, 2013
Latest reply on May 29, 2013 by Gregor

We are grappling with how to manage test and production PI systems.  Ideally we want to be able to make test a mirror of production, run the required tests (eg a new ACE calculation) and then copy the changes made in test back to production.


To copy prod to test I did the following:

  • Backed up prod PI server and recovered to test
  • Edited MDB to change any aliases pointing to prod PI server to Test PI sever
  • Exported AF database from prod AF
  • Edited AF Export file and replaced any references to Prod PI wih Test PI. 
  • Imported export file into test AF.

Our AF database is huge with hundreds of thousands of elements. The export files are enormous and require special editors to do the search and replace. 


Is there a better way? I would like to be able to backup and restore the PIFD database to test AF and then use SQL  to replace the PI server references in the tables? Is this possible?


 Does OSIsoft have a suggested strategy for managing test and production PI/AF systems?  I have been tasked with automating the management of prod and test PI/AF system and would appreciate any suggestions on how to achieve this.




 Michael Jones