Formula DR Feature Request

Discussion created by rdavin Employee on May 10, 2013
Latest reply on Jun 11, 2013 by rdavin

I have a wish list of 2 features I'd like to see in the Formula Data Reference.  I realize that Abacus will be getting a lot of attention and developers will be encouraged to migrate to it.  Still, it doesn't hurt to make a wish!


The first one is a low priority but hopefully would be quick and simple to add: I'd like to ability to add an entire lines of comments to the equations.  For multi-developer shops like ours, it would be nice to have comments inside the formula for others to see.


My second wish is medium priority: I'd like to see somehow see the if-then-else construct expand over multiple lines.  I've been toying with how this could possibly be done.  Maybe introduce new keywords like begin and end to define the blocks.  Though I do acknowledge that this would be one of those things where the response is "You really should check out Abacus for that."