AF custom reference

Discussion created by aommeren on May 13, 2013
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I want to check if this is feasible: Instaead of an AF Table lookup reference I would like to create/use a new custom data reference.
I have a VBscript that opens a db connection and calls a SP to acquire a parameter for a product. The return value is given for a certain product and parametername.


value = f(product, parametername)


The batch product changes over time and I want to get the parameters from the external system. The initial idea was to write some ACE code and get the parameters when the product cahnes and store these into PI tags. Now I think it would be better to use this SP link in an AF attribute, providing the paramtername (AF attribute name?) and the PI Point reference for the Product it would be ideal to retrieve the data on the fly.


I guess there are experts around who can provide some hints and best practices....!?!