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PI Point data ref. counting events from a dynamical, relative time?

Discussion created by Asle Frantzen Champion on May 13, 2013
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Don't know if that subject makes sense, but I've been using the built-in functions of the PI Point data reference to count operations for circuit breakers (since the date they were added to PI), like this:



\\%Server%\XA_%@|Substation code%_%@|Equipment code% TM;TimeMethod=TimeRangeOverride;RelativeTime=09-Feb-2012 12:00;TimeRangeMethod=Count;TimeRangeBasis=EventWeighted;TimeRangeMinPercentGood=0;UOM=count



This has worked just fine, but now I'm challenged with a new factor: My client wants to only show number of events since the last manual inspection. The date string informing us of the last manual inspection is coming from the ERP system, at it seems like what I'd need is the possibility to have the 'RelativeTime' parameter be dynamical. Is this at all possible?


If not, any idea on how to achieve this? I would like to do the whole thing in AF (i.e. no extra tags).