Create PI Tag through PI SDK coding in

Discussion created by khavnekarva on May 17, 2013
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We are developing custom windows application to export OPC tags from OPC server and create those OPC tags in PI Server. We are creating PI Tag by reading PI tag configuration through excel file. Excel file format is as attached. Code for the same is also attached herewith. I am facing issue while updating PI tag attributes using following code statement
            'Creating the Named Values for Editing the Attributed for Created PI Tag
            pi_ptattributes_nv.Add("Descriptor", pi_Descriptor)
            pi_ptattributes_nv.Add("EngUnits", pi_engunits)
here if we are having descriptor or engunit as blank then I am getting error message. Can you please let me know how to edit PI tag attribute even if PI tag attribute is having blank (means no data)
Also please suggest me how to check if PI Tag already exist in PI server in this coding?
Please revert at earliest.