Values older than creation date in RDBMS

Discussion created by gdigiorgio on May 27, 2013
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Hello everybody,
in the configuration query of my RDBMS PI Point, using the condition "Date > ?;" with P1=TS, I obtail, correctly, all the values that belong to the new rows written on the DB. When I create a new PI Point, with this condition I start receiving all the values newer than the creation date. How can I get the previous values? I mean, if I delete the TS condition (with location2 = 1), I would have all the values but, everytime the query would be executed I expect all the values to be written again and again with the same timestamp. What I need is something that allows my new PI Point to collect all the old values just the first time and after, to start collecting only the new values (the values newer than the last written). A possibility should be to create a PI Point with an old creation date, but it seems it is not allowed. Of course, I could backfill the old values, but I would like to find a different solution. Any idea?
Thanks in advance