How to retrieve a list of PIPoints by given list of tags

Discussion created by andyromero on May 28, 2013
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I´m a newbie in PISDK development and i would like to know a efficient method to retrieve a list of PiPoints by a given list of tags.


Here is a piece of code that i wrote in order to achieve such result


StringBuilder whereClause = new StringBuilder();
whereClause.Append("Tag in (");
PISDK.Server piServer = getServer(host, userName, password);
return piServer.GetPointsSQL(whereClause.ToString());


where csvWithQuote is a comma separeted tag values.


The above code works fine, but by passing a plenty of tags say about 90 tags it turns very slow.


What could i do to achieve a better performance?


The  above code uses only one network call?


If rewrite the above code to this one:


PISDK.Server server = getServer(host, userName, password);
PISDK.PointList pointList = new PISDK.PointList();
PISDK.PIPoint point = null;
foreach (String tag in tags)
point = server.PIPoints[tag];
catch {}
return pointList;


It performs better although i believe it does several network calls.



I really apreciate any help.