GetPoints2 function

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Im a newbie in PISDK development.


Im trying to invoke the method getPoints2 of Interface IGetPoints2.


The following code performs well


StringBuilder sb = new StringBuilder();
foreach (KeyValuePair<String, Decimal?> item in tags_unitOfMeasure)
sb.Append("TAG='" + item.Key + "' OR ");
string csvWithQuote = sb.Remove(sb.Length - 3, 3).ToString();
PISDKCommon.NamedValues nvRetrievalAttributes = null;
PISDK.IGetPoints2 points = (PISDK.IGetPoints2) piServer;
return points.GetPoints2(csvWithQuote, nvRetrievalAttributes, PISDK.GetPointsRetrievalTypes.useGetPoints);


But i dont know how to pass the  list of point attributes to be returned by this call.


Im passing an null  nvRetrievalAttributes. 


How can i pass the list attributes to be returned?  I dont know how instantiate a implementation of interface PISDKCommon.NamedValues to do the job.


Thanks so much for any help