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    Notification with Natural Time Rule


      We are using PIANO (PIANOExplore plugin: 1.2.1205.6, AF ver: to create notification templates/instances.


      In one of the template/instance, we have specified to use 'natural' time rule. We are comparing a PIPoint linked attribute to a limit. My attribute is not directly linked to the PITag, but rather it is using relative path to refers to another element's attribute (where PIPoint PI tag is linked there). 


      What we are expecting is, whenever and only when the PI Point value changes, then our notification will trigger, however, what we observed is:


      1. When underlying PIPoint value is changing, or when the limit is changing, the notification will NOT trigger at the time of change


      2. The notification will fire every 10 min, no matter whether the underlying values changes or not


      3. Every 10 min, two identifical events are triggered, in a span of 1 seconds.


      See attached file for my notification, PIPoint set up, and the history showing duplicate event firing.


      We are puzzled by all the above three observations.


      Your kind insights are highly appreciated.


      Joe Wang



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          Mike Zboray

          Hey Joe,


          Could you describe in more detail what you are trying to achieve? It's a little hard to tell when exactly you want the notification to fire. Also you're configuration can never go out of the notification state, which is not typically what you want to do.


          I don't think there are known issues with PI Point Attributes that reference other PI Point attributes. Those should work as you might expect.


          Is it possible that you've overridden the time rule on the notification? The notification template could be configured to use natural, but the actual notification could be using periodic with a 10 minute frequency.


          I see you've unchecked "Notify only on change in status". That means that every time the rule is evaluated and the notification is in a notification state, it will cause a send. Also, the conditions you have defined are such that the notification is always in a notification state. Thus every time the notification rules are evaluated a send will happen. Depending on how you've configured TimeTrue there may be multiple evaluations of the notification rule (if both are actually 0 as you've shown, this is strange).


          Have you overridden the Resend interval on the notification? That would explain why there are multiple sends always separated by 1 second.


          A lot of the configuration information could be more easily communicated if you could attach an xml export of the notification and related objects.



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              Thanks, Michael.


              I think I know the every 10 min firing--- it appears the underlying PI value is updated every 10 min (I am seeing the timestamp of the PIPoint attribute to be changing every 10 min, at the time when the event is triggered. I don't have PIProcessbook, so I don't have a precise history dump of the PI value)


              However, still puzzled by the dupliate triggering. When we check 'Notify only on change in status', we see only 1 triggering, which is correct.


              Attached please find the notification instance xml export.


              Thanks again