Notification with Natural Time Rule

Discussion created by wxz44428 on May 28, 2013
Latest reply on Jun 5, 2013 by Mike Zboray

We are using PIANO (PIANOExplore plugin: 1.2.1205.6, AF ver: to create notification templates/instances.


In one of the template/instance, we have specified to use 'natural' time rule. We are comparing a PIPoint linked attribute to a limit. My attribute is not directly linked to the PITag, but rather it is using relative path to refers to another element's attribute (where PIPoint PI tag is linked there). 


What we are expecting is, whenever and only when the PI Point value changes, then our notification will trigger, however, what we observed is:


1. When underlying PIPoint value is changing, or when the limit is changing, the notification will NOT trigger at the time of change


2. The notification will fire every 10 min, no matter whether the underlying values changes or not


3. Every 10 min, two identifical events are triggered, in a span of 1 seconds.


See attached file for my notification, PIPoint set up, and the history showing duplicate event firing.


We are puzzled by all the above three observations.


Your kind insights are highly appreciated.


Joe Wang