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    Some strange behavior of PI Server




      I'm using Virtual Labs Environment's PI Server to create some specific configuration.


      There one thing, about which I'm concerned - two equal tags (on of it - standard tag of VLE-instance) shows different data:






      Shouldn't it produce equal values?






      Also, could you please help me to find the source-device settings, wich generates value for location2=667?





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          Hello Alexey,


          To answer your second question first, tags with point source R are serviced by PI Random Simulator. Please find the documentation in C:\Program Files\PIPC\Interfaces\Random\PI_Random.doc


          Tag H2043_FG4560 exist in my VLE but ACCN:TEST1 does not. Hence I conclude that you've created a copy of H2043_FG4560 and named it H2043_FG4560. I usually would agree that 2 points with identical configuration should receive the same data but in this case data is random data as indicated by the sources (PI Random Simulator) name.