PerfMon Monitoring

Discussion created by mikeloria on Jun 6, 2013
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My first thought of setting up Perfmon was to run the interface on 2 separate servers for fail over so there would only be one instance running at a time. These would be servers outside of the PI servers and interfaces. Now I am continuously being faced with security issues. I have no problems with Windows 2003 32 bit but Windows 2008 R2 I am having trouble with accessing the Perfmon remotely. I also have the issue of some of the machines that I wish to access are not on the domain. Event the Tech support guy punted on me which I might be appealing.


What are your thoughts of running perfmon directly on each machine that I wish to monitor? Has anyone had these issues that I am having? Is anyone actually running several instances of perfmon (1 on each machine)?


Thank you for your input on this matter.