Aggies! Driver's Dashboard

Discussion created by aggies on Jun 9, 2013

Team Name : Aggies!


Team Members : Amit Kumar Singh, Pradipta Bose,Santanu Saha




                                                                                                                             Driver's Dashboard


1. Application will provide crucial information to the driver which will act as a simple user-friendly driver dashboard during his route and inform him about the status of the car. Additionally, we provide information about the nearest Gas station (if fuel levels are low) and cheap parking spots from Google Maps data and specific warning if something is not right with the car e.g. Towing/Theft Warning, Parking Brake warning, Fuel warning etc.. Also, we tweet the state of the car on Twitter so that the driver can track the state of the car even when away. We envisage that the application would fulfill the needs of the common people , by giving the relevant information when they need it the most (when driving) and can possibly take on blockbuster app status. 

2. We chose to integrate the ESRI and OSISoft platforms. Using both we can design the application based on the live data as well as historical data provided by OSISoft and leverage the graphical maps capability provided by ESRI
3. We used the historical car data to find out the different attributes of the car and tried to use that information to predict different scenarios on the route. So we used data supplied by OsiSoft RESTful API . Other than this, we use the Places API provided by Google Maps to supply parking and gas station information.
4. Application would be useful in daily routine situations for the drivers. For example, If driver forgets to turn on the hand brake after parking or hand brakes are still on while driving or his car is being towed or being stolen he would receive a warning on the dashboard.The driver would receive information about the nearest cheap parking spots. Also when the car is running low on gas then the dashboard would show him the nearest gas stations. So it would be a very useful app to have.
Future Enhancements :
1. Considering if we collect the data from the police department about the accident that happened in the past year, we could provide the information to the driver about the accidents prone area so that driver could be careful while driving in the accident prone areas.
2. Currently, we are  showing parking areas and gas station , this feature can be increased to other fields like restaurants, nearest hospitals, general stores etc.
3. Currently it is a simple web application but can be easily implemented for mobile phones as well.
4. From the historical data provided by the OSISoft we could calculate the average driving characteristics of the driver so while driving, application can predict the different aspects of the route which might be helpful for the driver.