PI OLEDB Updates/Deletes and BuffSS

Discussion created by mikeloria on Jun 13, 2013
Latest reply on Jun 18, 2013 by hanyong

I have a business case where I need to write to PI points via PI OLEDB and I will need to occasionally make updates and deletions to the values. I have a collective of 2 servers (primary and secondary). The design of the BuffSS no longer allows for updates and deletions of values because the points are locked. this is to guarantee that the data is consistent between the primary and secondary. I think it has to do with client side buffering. After looking at some different work arounds, the most feasible solution that meets my needs is to write to the primary and secondary separately. I am not sure how to accomplish this and I would greatly appreciate an example in C# using PI OLEDB if this is possible. These are the steps that I think are required:


1) enable the secondary to accept writes


2) write to primary exclusively


3) Write to the secondary exclusively


What I mostly do not understand is allowing the secondary to be writable and if this is something I switch on and off like opening and closing a connection? Also, what the connection string would look like?


Any examples of how to accomplish this (preferably OLEDB and C#) and any explanation, is greatly appreciated


Thank you in advance