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    PI Server is missing default trusts


      We have installed PI Server 2012 on a server, but we have found that it does not create the !Proxy_127! trust.  As a consequence, there does not seem like there is a way to connect as a PI Admin.  We have tried to uninstall PI Server and reinstall with no luck.  Is there some residual files or registry settings that need to be cleaned in order for a reinstall to establish this default trust?


      We have tried the same install on an identical server with no problems.


      Thanks for any help on this.

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          Could you please ping please?  If cannot, please check out your local DNS file.  If it is OK, please try the following piconfig command in windows CMD at the path of ..\pi\adm


          (1) Open a command window.


          (2) Change to the pi\adm directory


          (3) Run piconfig, then type the following commands, substituting YourTrustName with the actual name you want to give to the trust (anything you want):


          @table pitrust


          @mode create


          @istr Trust,IPAddr,NetMask,PIUser






          This is the Techsupport issue, you could call our Techsupport team for detail, as they are the expert to deal with error when using PI server.

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              Hello Larry,


              Tuning Parameter AutoTrustConfig allows to (re)set the default trusts:


                       @table pi_gen, pitimeout
                       @mode create, t
                       @istru name, value


              There is no need to restart any subsystem but it may take about 1 minute until PI Base Subsystem recognizes the change and modifies the trust table accordingly.


              Technical Support KB Article # KB00061 has additional information also for valid values for AutoTrustConfig.