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    Need Meter Attributes


      I need meter attributes for the presentation I got few if any please let me know ….Thanks in advance

      • Metering Attributes
      • Highly Met
      • Consumption
      • Manufacturer
      • Meter S. No
      • Consumer number
      • Manufacturer
      • Meter location – lon – lat
      • Rate class
      • Customer category
      • Meter type { feeder, sub station, DT }
      • Zip code

      Voltage, power fact, kwh


      3 Phase or single phase

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          From what you considered, the attributes what you want are just general attributes of all kinds of meters, not just specified for one industry field.  If so, in my opinion, the maintanance attributes of the meter might be involved in.  For example:


          --- last maintanance date


          --- next maintanance date


          --- last change date


          --- next change date


          when you have those, the PI notification will mention you to do the meter maintanance or change when the date closed


          Xi Wang


          v-Campus engineer