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    PI 2012 Collective


      Can I use the 30-day license to setup 2 PI servers in collective?

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          Hello Roland,


          Yes you can do that but it's not necessary.


          As with productive PI Systems, vCampus PI Systems are supposed to run with a machine specific license file. The vCampus license supports PI Servers with 2 additional HA nodes. This means you can setup a collective that consists of a Primary and 2 secondary PI Server nodes.


          To generate the machine specific license file, please first download  Machine Signature Generator (MSF) from vCampus Download Center (category "PI Server"). Please use the Machine Signature Generator on the machine (virtual machine) that is supposed to become your Primary collective member. To generate the machine specific license file please again visit vCampus Download Cneter and select the Link to MLA. This ensures you generate the license file for the PI Server serial number assigned to your vCampus profile. You need to upload the Machine Signature File (MSF) created before and will then be offered a zipped file for download. This file contains the server manifest, instructions on the license file usage, the license for your Primary PI Server and a 30 days temporary license file that can be used to install the PI Servers on secondary nodes. After you've formed your collective using PI Collective Manager, secondary nodes will use the license file of the Primary PI Server.