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    ActiveView and PI-SQC XBAR


      Hello Osisofts guys !


      We are building an .Net application (2.0) who use an ActiveView control to display graphical items: Trends and some SQC Chart.


      The type and number of charts depends on user parameters, so we are not able to embed the items in an display file (.pdi). So the application use an empty display, and creates the needed items on the fly.


      Everything is fine about Trends, and SQC Charts works well if the displayed tag (SQC Alarms) 's type is Individual or Moving Range.


      But with and X-Bar, the application completely stuck my platform : the screen stop refreshing, and it's no use typing on my keyboard, or moving my mouse. 10 sec later, my mouse shut down and my platform reboot !


      Considering the application run within visual studio in debug mode, I'm afraid that the problem comes from acview.exe...?


      Nota : no problem in ProcessBook.

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          I would call OSIsoft support on this one.  Having a PC spontaneously reboot is something that we are not going to be able to debug just with questions and answers on the forums.  In the meantime, I would check to see if the problem occurs on more than one PC.  Spontaneous reboots usually are caused by 1) hardware issues (memory, cpu overheating, power supply, etc), or 2) bugs in kernel mode code (Window and IE) but there isn't any kernel code in ActiveView or SQC themselves or 3) malware/viruses (though this used to be more true than it is now).  That doesn't mean that ActiveView couldn't be causing IE to crash, etc.  As I said, it's complicated.